Editorial Policy

Editorial Coverage

The Laramie Free Press will be as balanced and comprehensive as possible in our approach to covering news. We will make every reasonable effort to be inclusive of the multiple different views in any given story. Any news analysis or commentary pieces found within the editorial section of the Laramie Free Press will be clearly labeled as such.

Anonymous Sources

All stories, images, audio and video will be credited to reflect the source.  The Laramie Free Press will strive to limit the use of anonymous sources. In the normal course of operations, anonymous sources are not a necessity. Those sources as they become available will be used, however, for the purpose of information gathering. The Laramie Free Press will use such information to independently verify and find alternate sources to use in a story. With such sources, the Laramie Free Press will stand by its duty to protect them and not reveal their names.


The Laramie Free Press staff believes that photographs, video and audio are key communication tools of a story and should be held to an equal level of accountability, responsibility and integrity as the written word in journalism. Images and video illustrate and reflect the events of our world today and therefore have a responsibility to be delivered to our audience with accuracy and impartiality.


Paid advertising appears at various locations throughout the Laramie Free Press website and in our email newsletters and will be clearly marked as advertising.The establishments, events, products and services featured on the Laramie Free Press are determined entirely by our editorial staff. No one can pay to be featured on the Laramie Free Press. That’s what advertising is for, and it’s always labeled as such. Selling ourselves (literally) would destroy the legitimacy and integrity of our publication. Editorial content will not be changed, removed or altered simply because it conflicts with an advertisers message on our site.


Major updates to stories including but not limited to headline corrections, fact corrections, in-story content deletions and story revisions will be clearly labeled as [UPDATED]. Minor edits such as grammar and spelling corrections will be made without tagging the story as being updated.

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