Just around the bend

This is part 3 in a series, find part 2 here

The second half of this adventure has become increasingly difficult. Every day it is a chore to choke down my healthy beverages. I am assuming it has been because this is the longest that I have ever stuck to a strict diet. In fact, the only other diet that I have ever followed was the Atkins diet – but that’s far easier to adhere to.

I have had lesser success in the latter days of this social experiment as far as weight loss. I believe that this was partly because of the holiday season and partly because I started exercising more. After all, muscle does weigh more than fat (higher density). I was also not as strict on my food intake because I was surrounded by tasty treats on all sides, both at home and at work leading up to X-mas.

With this setback, I was back to the same weight I was at after 30 days. This being said, I still feel as though I am continuing to get healthier. I don’t have any science (BMI measurements, etc.) to confirm this suspicion, but I have a feeling.

Not only have I felt healthier, but I have been sick less this fall than in most recent years. This is fairly surprising to me since I work at a doctor’s office and regularly deal with about 30 different patients a day. If that wasn’t enough, the doc I work for is an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) so there are an abundance of cougher’s and contaminators that cross my path every day.

I believe that my health has been improved in comparison to some of my family members, who also work in the same office. On the average, I get sick just as often as they all do. This is the first winter that I can recall not having been sick at all. Usually, I get ‘the crud’ once a year and tonsillitis once a year or more. I am correlating my increased overall health to being affected by my more micro-nutrient rich diet, which my other family members lack. We all eat a fairly balanced diet, but mine is the only micro-nutrient saturated diet.

It could, just as easily, be a placebo affect that I have noticed from my diet, but if it is – I have been fooled completely. I’m cool with that. So, three-quarters thru the experiment and I am down 11 lbs. Not nearly the extreme results of our friends from the documentary, but I only half-assed what they were capable of. My goal may take longer to reach than our new friends, but I think that it is the right way for me.

When making healthy juices, be sure to anchor it with some sweet juices. I use a staple of apples with pears or cantaloupe with honeydew for every juice. To spice it up a little, I add pineapple to the mix once a week. Some berries and softer fruits don’t contribute much juice, but ‘to each his/her own’. I wouldn’t recommend strawberries, blueberries, or bananas for the juicer. They are better off in the blender. As far as veggies go, each person has to find what works for them. Keep it as green as you can handle, but be careful not to gross yourself out. It can and will happen occasionally. Spinach was in every juice and usually celery was too. I had started using a bunch of carrots with my juices, but as time wore on the texture from the carrots was difficult to palate. Some recommended adding beets or ginger in my juices, but I find them both disgusting.

Best of luck in your micro-nutrient rich adventures!