#9 Huskers come to Town

Jon­ah Field at War Memo­r­i­al sta­di­um was a spec­tac­u­lar sight when the #9 Nebras­ka Corn­huskers 3–0 (0−0) came to Laramie to take on the Wyoming Cow­boys 3–0 (0−0). There were 32,617 fans in atten­dance and there were more-than-a-few Nebras­ka fans present. The crowd was the third largest in War Memo­r­i­al his­to­ry.

Wyoming was com­ing off of a nail-bit­ing vic­to­ry on the road against the Bowl­ing Green Fal­cons 2–1. The Pokes blocked a point-after-touch­down with less than a minute left in reg­u­la­tion to save them­selves from being forced into over­time. The final score was 28–27, Cow­boys. The Corn­huskers were fresh off a 51–38 vic­to­ry over the Wash­ing­ton Huskies 2–1.

The Cow­boys received the kick­off to start the game. They had lit­tle suc­cess mov­ing the ball against such a stout defense, but the Wyoming defense was doing their jobs as well. The only touch­down in the first quar­ter of play was a 45-yard run by Nebras­ka run­ning­back Rex Burk­head halfway thru the quar­ter.

Luck­i­ly, the sec­ond quar­ter held much more excite­ment than the first. Nebras­ka found its’ tem­po and met lit­tle resis­tance as they made their way down the field for a 8-yard touch­down run by quar­ter­back Tay­lor Mar­tinez. Wyoming shook off the Husker score by hav­ing a qual­i­ty dri­ve that was capped by a 48-yard pass to wide-receiv­er Mazi Ogbon­na for a touch­down. The Cow­boys had found their way onto the score­board, 14–7, with the clock wind­ing down in the first half. At half­time the score remained 14–7 in favor of Nebras­ka.

The sec­ond half, unfor­tu­nate­ly, was more of what you might have expect­ed against a Top 10 foe. The Corn­huskers con­trolled the line on both sides of the ball and the Pokes were unable to come back with much force. The third quar­ter saw two Nebras­ka scores: anoth­er rush­ing touch­down for Burk­head as well as a 20-yard field goal. At the end of the third quar­ter Nebras­ka had a healthy lead over the Cow­boys, 24–7.

In the fourth quar­ter the Huskers tacked on a pair of touch­downs on the Pokes. One touch­down was on a pass to receiv­er Ken­ny Bell and anoth­er on a short rush by Bray­lon Heard. The Pokes wouldn’t go qui­et­ly into the night, how­ev­er, and made it into the end­zone for a sec­ond time. This time it was a pass to Robert Her­ron who put points on the board. The game wasn’t very close, but it could have got­ten even more out-of-hand. The Huskers had anoth­er easy dri­ve down the field and could have tacked on more points to the score­board. Luck­i­ly, the head coach was a lit­tle classier than that. After dri­ving the ball deep into the red­zone, the coach had his play­ers kneel on the ball to end the game.

It’s not like­ly that the #9 Huskers 4–0 will sky-rock­et up the rank­ings with their win, but they might move up a notch or two. The Cow­boys 3–1 have a much deserved bye week com­ing up before they head off to play against a 1–2 Utah State team. The Pokes didn’t have a bye last sea­son, but log­ic would sug­gest that the time to recov­er couldn’t hurt. The Cow­boys still have high hopes this sea­son and with a few more wins under their belt, you might be hear­ing Bowl talk by the time the leaves have all fall­en.