Cow­boys End Sea­son on a Tough Loss

The Wyoming Cow­boys end the sea­son with a loss against the TCU Horned Frogs. The two teams were ranked at the bot­tom of the MWC and had to play in the play in game to see who would move on to play #1 BYU. The last game TCU won was against Wyoming on Jan­u­ary 12th. Wyoming won the last meet­ing between the two so both teams were expect­ing a good game.

The game start­ed slow but TCU got out to a two point lead then made it three points. It was almost two min­utes into the game before Wyoming got points on the board. A foul sent Lus­ter to the line where he went 1–2. TCU con­tin­ued to play tough not want­i­ng their sea­son to end yet. Wyoming start­ed the game play­ing slop­py but it still looked like they want­ed to win. TCU went on a run to give them a ten point lead and it was at this time that Wyoming start­ed to clean up their play. Even with Wyoming play­ing bet­ter TCU still got out to a 21–10 lead. It was not long before Wyoming was back with­in sev­en and look­ing to close the gap even more. In the last two min­utes of the half Wyoming stepped it up and end­ed the half down only four points. The sec­ond half start­ed with TCU mak­ing a jumper to increase their lead. For the first minute and a half the Cow­boys kept it close and got with­in two points. TCU start­ed to pull away but then Hud­son hit a three to keep the deficit at two. Wyoming con­tin­ued to fight and with 13:26 Hud­son made a layup to give the Cow­boys a one point lead. They held that lead until the 12:04 mark when Hill made a three shot to put TCU back on top. For the next few min­utes it looked like Wyoming was try­ing too hard and was forc­ing shoots which gave TCU a chance to increase the lead. Wyoming con­tin­ued to bat­tle but it was too late and TCU already had a lead that would not be over­come.Lus­ter got into foul trou­ble which hurt the Cow­boys in this game. Lus­ter was forced to sit on the bench more than the team may have want­ed. With Lus­ter not in the game Wyoming did not have one of their best passers on the floor. Lus­ter was also play­ing tough defense while in the game so when he was out the defense was not as strong either. Anoth­er prob­lem for the Cow­boys was shoot­ing the ball. In the first half they strug­gled to get shots to fall shoot­ing only 27.6% while TCU shot much bet­ter at 40.7%. In the sec­ond half Wyoming shot the ball bet­ter but TCU did also. In the sec­ond half Wyoming shot 48.1% but TCU shot bet­ter than 50%. Even with Wyoming shoot­ing that well they could not over­come the deficit with TCU not miss­ing shots. Wyoming strug­gled shoot­ing from deep mak­ing only 6–21 attempts. TCU did not shoot as much from deep but they went 50%. Shoot­ing was the big sto­ry of the game and if TCU had not had such a great shoot­ing game Wyoming may have got­ten the win. TCU got ten more assists in the game but the oth­er stats were pret­ty close. Since all stats were close it real­ly did come down to which team was shoot­ing bet­ter. TCU con­vert­ed turnovers into points bet­ter and got more fast break points which was part of the rea­son they shot so well. If Wyoming could have pre­vent­ed TCU from get­ting these points the game may have went the oth­er way.

Wyoming had three play­ers in dou­ble fig­ure scor­ing in this game. Amath had 10, Jack­son had 12 and Cruz led the team with 14. Amath not only scored but he also came up with six rebounds and two blocks. Des­mar also pulled down six rebounds and got an assist. Cruz had a big game, not only did he have 14 points but he also got sev­en rebounds and two steals. Wad­del led the team with eight rebounds and got a block.

This was a tough way to end the sea­son for the Cow­boys but next year should be bet­ter. It is tough to end the sea­son with­out a per­ma­nent coach. Look­ing at the way Wyoming played down the stretch showed that they have tal­ent on the team. Next year with a new head coach the Cow­boys could have a bet­ter sea­son. The skill is there the team just needs to find a coach that can uti­lize it. The sea­son may be over but it is now time to start look­ing at the future of the team. This was a rough sea­son but it leaves plen­ty of room for improve­ment. Wyoming had a lot of fans at the game which shows that Wyoming fans will stand by the team when times are tough. This loy­al fan base is one thing the team is known for and will help moti­vate the team to do bet­ter next year.

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