Cow­boys Con­tin­ue to Strug­gle

Wyoming went head to head with Utah on Sat­ur­day in hopes to get back to .500 in the con­fer­ence and on the sea­son. Wyoming entered the match up one game above Utah in hopes of increas­ing that lead. Utah came into the AA look­ing for their fist Moun­tain West win of the year. The Cow­boys expect­ed to be matched pret­ty well with the Utes but they were over­whelmed ear­ly. Utah came out run­ning and Wyoming did not seem ready for the speed of the game. Utah built an ear­ly lead forc­ing the Cow­boys to play from behind the whole first half. In the sec­ond half Wyoming came out with some steam want­i­ng to get back into the game. After going on a run they had cut the lead down to ten and the crowd was on their feet. They then cut the lead to nine but the run was short lived for Cow­boys as Utah pulled away again. Both teams played pret­ty even in the sec­ond half but the Cow­boys were too far behind to catch up.Utah did not shoot the ball that much bet­ter than Wyoming but they did shoot bet­ter from deep and con­vert­ed from the free throw line bet­ter. Wyoming strug­gled from behind the three point line mak­ing only two of ten attempts. In the first half of the game Wyoming did not see the free throw line that much but when they did they could not get the shots to fall. Wyoming start­ed shoot­ing bet­ter in the sec­ond half but it was too late. The Cow­boys only missed two free throws in the sec­ond half and shot 41.7% from the field. Even with the bet­ter sec­ond half play Wyoming could not over­come the deficit from the first half.

Des­mar Jack­son attempts to han­dle two Utah defend­ers while try­ing to score. (John McK­night / LFP)

The biggest prob­lem for the Cow­boys against Utah was rebound­ing. Utah has David Fos­ter who skies about the whole Cow­boy team at over sev­en foot. Utah cleaned the glass all night at a high rate and Wyoming could not keep up. With Utah dom­i­nat­ing the boards they also had more sec­ond half points which hurt the Cow­boys all game. Utah had two play­ers record dou­ble dig­it rebounds while Wyoming only had Amath com­ing close with ten.  Wyoming had few­er turnovers and scored more points off turnovers but it was too close to make a big dif­fer­ence.

In this game the health of the team was a prob­lem for the Cow­boys as it has been all sea­son. Wad­dell had four blocks against Utah but he still is not at full health. Wad­dell is get­ting clos­er to 100% but until he gets there the Cow­boys could con­tin­ue to strug­gle. Muo­jeke is still unable to play for the Cow­boys and with­out him they are miss­ing a great play­er. Thi­am and Lus­ter have had prob­lems with health this year but both played Sat­ur­day. Watch­ing them on the court it was obvi­ous that they were not at full health yet. Lus­ter put his heart into the game and gave it his all but he was not able to play to his full poten­tial. The Cow­boys do not have anoth­er game until next Sat­ur­day and hope to take advan­tage of the week off. When the Cow­boys take the court on the road against Air Force they hope the team will be in bet­ter health. This week off will give the play­ers a chance to get to bet­ter health and work on the areas where they strug­gled in this game. Only time will tell when the Cow­boys will be back to 100% but until that time they need the fans to con­tin­ue to come out and cheer them on.  With the sup­port of the fans the Cow­boys will con­tin­ue to play at the high­est lev­el they can with less than full health.