Good” cov­er­age of a sui­cide

The AFSP has a copy of a New York Times Arti­cle on their web­site. The arti­cle in ques­tion Talks about a senior exec­u­tive who killed him­self. The arti­cle treats this exec­u­tives act of sui­cide as a ben­e­fi­cial thing, rais­ing sui­cide aware­ness in the com­mu­ni­ty. I under­stand that the AFSP is a bit biased in its opin­ion but the arti­cle does have mer­it.

The opin­ions of the AFSP not with­stand­ing, “good cov­er­age” of a sui­cide should be respect­ful to both the indi­vid­u­als griev­ing and the need to serve the greater pub­lic good. Not all sui­cides are news­wor­thy, but the ones that are affect a far greater num­ber of peo­ple than those who are clos­est to the sui­cide vic­tim. (I use the term “vic­tim” loose­ly, but more on that lat­er). The reporter should ask the tough ques­tions such as, why did they kill them­selves and did you see it com­ing.

It is only through group analy­sis and pub­lic par­tic­i­pa­tion can we as a com­mu­ni­ty begin to more deeply under­stand sui­cide.