Suicide as an ongoing topic

I am working on project exploring suicide and the right to die. My road map for this project is an editorial I wrote detailing my support for the legalization of suicide. The basis of my argument is to put a system in place to make it socially acceptable commit suicide. The results of this social normalization of suicide would be less suicides overall.  I believe if it were socially acceptable to commit suicide then more people would seek help. Until that far off day arrives we must be vigilant for the signs and symptoms of impending suicides.

The first reasonable site I encountered on my quest to find the signs and symptoms of suicide was The design aesthetic of is minimalistic and painful to look at. The site does contain some good information though. Clearly the designer has not discovered Mike Rundles “How CRAP is your site design” article. Finding telephone numbers for suicide prevention centers requires you to scroll past the site creators impassioned plea to not commit suicide and first dial 911.

Buried in the sidebar is a link to an article listing the warning signs of suicide. There are some solid examples listed in the article such as, abusing drugs and giving away possessions. There are also some not so solid examples like; performing poorly at work or school and acting recklessly. I am reckless and perform poorly in school and I have no desire to kill myself.

This sites amateurish design is tempered by its passionate desire to make a difference. I appreciate the information it contains, but will be looking elsewhere for further guidance in my research.